Engaging the Adventure
Engaging the Adventure
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Member Care

When someone moves to a new culture, they lose access to any number of resources that they took for granted in their home culture.  Crossing cultures requires two dynamics:  identifying what they can bring with them into the new culture, and discovering the resources in the new culture to build a new life in that culture.  Member Care is the commitment to nurture and support those individuals who are navigating a new culture and making a home in that new culture - our goal is to thrive emotionally and spiritually, not just to survive. 

Starts with a Spiritual Focus

Sometimes, we forget the most obvious things.  Member Care helps us to remember that God's own presence is the must fundamental key to nurturing the resilience and vitality of each person living and serving in a new culture.  God leads and invites us to join him in what he is doing at home and cross-culturally.  Therefore, we aim to keep first things first.  When the worker keeps God's presence central to their life, then God empowers the work itself.  

Team Consultations

Our friends and colleagues work together in networks and teams in many different settings across Asia.  We look forward to renewing our travels to visit and encourage them face to face.  Personal visits add so much to the on-going video meetings!  Each worker must navigate the cross-cultural dynamics of living outside your own home culture and the relationships within their local teams.  Our member care promotes healthy teamwork through consultations in person and virtually from a distance.

Keeping Relationships Real

When we arrived in Asia for the first time, we faced medical crises in a difficult pregnancy, an emergency premature birth, and caring for an infant with significant needs.  Cross-cultural life can be exciting and very rewarding, but almost always, it includes its own struggles.  Sadly, many workers try to hide their struggles.  Member care builds relationships where trust and encouragement can take root.  With the fluid nature of living cross-culturally, workers need to be intentional about building relationships that keep it real.  So, we invest in the ordinary things, like phone calls and emails, that lead to extraordinary friendships and teamwork.

Trainings for Care Leaders

Since 2020, God has done something exciting.  In the midst of Covid-19 restrictions, God opened up an avenue for offering international trainings to Member Care providers in a growing number of organizations.  The approach offered in the training is called "Pro-Active Member Care".  What we have brought to our own organization, we are now sharing with others who can implement the same principles in their own areas of ministry.

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