About Us

We have adventured with God both in the US and in Asia. One thing we have seen, regardless of our geographic location, has been the importance of investing in others' adventures--whether they are taking place on the field or in the Church. Scripture teaches us that all believers are called to engage with God in His work, which is to make His love known to all peoples of the world. Whether you serve cross-culturally or you are the one sending the cross-cultural worker, you are all part of the same adventure. We invest in both sides of the partnership in these three ways:


1. We invest in the spiritual, relational, and emotional well-being of people sent to serve in Asia. We invest in strengthening them and their families to be healthy, resilient, and effective.

2. We invest in leadership development and mission strategy with teams who are focused on unreached peoples (e.g. those peoples who have no access to the Gospel and the Church in their own language and culture).

3. We invest in the sending Church. We mobilize believers to engage unreached peoples, and we encourage and coach them through this process. We partner with senders to bring about the Gospel's global impact for the glory of God, believing that God is able to fulfill His purposes for the whole of the world (Romans 4:20).