Engaging the Adventure
Engaging the Adventure
> Motivated by the Heart of God for the Whole World

The singularly most difficult thing to communicate about Asia is how large it is!  The video linked here gives a taste of the richness of Asia itself and of God's work in Asia - -it is from the Asia 2022 Congress that recently gathered in Thailand.  On a very personal note, I find this ric...

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A Reflection on Scripture

In order to play a hole of golf, the athlete must remember three things, tee up the ball well, align your body position, and swing from the top.  There is no reason to swing your club if there is no ball on the tee, no fairway, and no hole on the green.  Teeing up the ball well is all abou...

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Pictures Tell Stories

Pictures tell stories, great pictures tell great stories.  I take a fair number of pictures, but only a few really tell a story.  This is not an ordinary home in Thailand.  It is an upscale traditional house, in this case used as a model home as part of an estate that manufactures pot...

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Five Years

We are so excited to be five years into this adventure!  Although as soon as I say that, I know that the adventure begin many many years before we built our first website and made preparations to move back to Asia five years ago.  God has been preparing us for this season in our lives and ...

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My Team Rules

When I first started taking teams on trips to serve cross-culturally, I started with three simple rules to set the tone. We added a fourth and fifth. Since moving back to Asia, I have added a sixth: Be Generous with Grace.  I intend to reflect more on this list, and quite likely, add another tw...

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