Engaging the Adventure
Engaging the Adventure
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How Big is Your God, Really?

When J.B. Phillips wrote his book, Your God is too Small, the follow-up question was, "How big is your God?"  I am still asking that question in my own life.

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Prayers for Your Missionaries
Nothing encourages missionaries more than to know that their partners are praying for them each day--and nothing has a more powerful impact on missions and the world than prayer! Feel free to use this in your prayers for us--or to adapt and use to pray forothers serving around the world. Please fee...
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The journey officially began early in 2017 when we announced we would be moving back to Asia. Over the last seven months we have visited churches and sat down with individuals inviting as many people as we could to join us in this adventure and calling from God.  How are you responding to Jesus...

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