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Prayers for Your Missionaries

01.12.2018 03:08 AM By Adventure

We go together when we pray together.
Nothing encourages missionaries more than to know that their partners are praying for them each day--and nothing has a more powerful impact on missions and the world than prayer! Feel free to use this in your prayers for us--or to adapt and use to pray forothers serving around the world. Please feel free to print copies for yourself and for your prayer group.  Thank you for praying!

  • Sunday: Relationship with God
Pray for a close, daily walk with the Lord; that we would be filled with and work in the power of the Holy Spirit; constant nurture through God's word; for us to prevail against attacks by the Enemy.

  • Monday: Ministry
Pray that our ministries would be done to the best of our abilities and in God's power; and for ministry opportunities and boldness to seize them.

  • Tuesday: Physical and Emotional Needs
Pray for good health; God's comfort through times of loneliness, discouragement, or depression; and sufficient financial support.

  • Wednesday: Family
Pray for a strong marriage relationship; the transition to the empty nest with our children remaining behind; and our extended families as we deal with separation from each other.

  • Thursday: Culture and Communication
Pray that we would learn and use the language and be culturally sensitive; and that any mistakes made would be minor and have no negative effect on the ministry.

  • Friday: Working Relationships
Pray for good relationships with peers and co-workers; our mission agency; and people in our host cultures.

  • Saturday:  The Harvest Field
Pray for the Gospel to take root among the unreached peoples of East Asia; spiritual, political and other barriers to come down; and that the Church back home would do our part to reach all peoples and languages for Jesus Christ.

Seven Days Without Prayer Makes One Weak.