Engaging the Adventure
Engaging the Adventure
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Starting Well

01.01.2018 04:15 AM By Adventure

The journey officially began early in 2017 when we announced we would be moving back to Asia. Over the last seven months we have visited churches and sat down with individuals inviting as many people as we could to join us in this adventure and calling from God.  How are you responding to Jesus command to "Go to all nations..." when you are staying put right where you are?  If Jesus was serious about that command, then either he wanted everyone to move or everyone to work together with some going and some sending those who go.  And so, God has raised up more than 500 people to pray with us and to be our partners in this adventure.  Wow!  This is so much bigger than just the two of us. 

Our house is empty and ready to sell.  Most of our financial matters have been updated with new addresses and details.  Passports are in hand.  And soon we will be on the airplane.  Already the culture shock, or the cultural transition has begun.  We have already had a number of "last" events.  We are living out of suitcases.  Grieving, anticipating, anxious, excited.  All at the same time.  A roller coaster and a ferris wheel wrapped into one.  It is the work of transition.  A few months ago, I discovered anew that partnership development could be real ministry.  And so it has been.  It has been a joy to see people take a fresh look at their faith, at the church, and at their lives.  Now we take on the ministry and work of transition.  Jesus invested 30 years before preaching his first sermon.  And he relocated from the Glorious Throne to the Dusty Roads.  It takes time.  And rule #3 applies:  practice flexibility; and rule #4:  keep your sense of humor.  Part of the work of transition is learning how to give and to receive grace in the midst of stress, tension and pressure.  For Anglicans and others, it is putting those Lenten Disciplines into practice.  Wow.  Missions and transition are another class in discipleship.

How can you pray?  Pray that we would give and receive grace, that we would laugh, and that we would practice patience.  Pray also that we would remember that God has placed us here right now in the midst of this transition--and he gives us his Holy Spirit to work in us according to his character.  And ask God to work a little Lent in your own life this month.