Engaging the Adventure
Engaging the Adventure
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Five Years

04.23.2022 06:09 PM By Adventure

Time for an Upgrade

We are so excited to be five years into this adventure!  Although as soon as I say that, I know that the adventure begin many many years before we built our first website and made preparations to move back to Asia five years ago.  God has been preparing us for this season in our lives and for that we are most grateful.  

The world has changed in the last few years dramatically - but our website has basically stayed the same.  So it is time for an upgrade.  We are redesigning it to focus more explicitly on the opportunities that we have discovered in Asia.  We live in one city, travel by Video Chat or by airplane to other countries, and rejoice to be part of an incredible network of friends and colleagues.  We actually serve within several different networks:  our organization, partner organizations, the local Church, and partner Churches.  It is a taste of heaven!

We have new features that we will roll out over the next few weeks.  So please do come back and take a look every so often.  Learn more about what we are doing and then pray for us, our colleagues, and most importantly, for the communities where the Church is not yet visible.  At the core of our vision is the joy of seeing people hear the hope of Jesus Christ communicated in the languages of each of those communities and to see the Church planted and built up, growing in faith and in their own witness to the ends of the earth!