Resources for Our Partners and Others

Whenever God calls someone to adventure with Him on the field, He calls others to join the adventure by serving as senders. Below we share some of our favorite resources for both "goers" and "senders" on adventure. Click on the title of each resource for more information.

Mission is the privilege of the whole Church.  This website creates and makes available resources for those individuals and churches who are called to stay 'home' and mobilize others for prayer, finances, and sending.  

This website has plenty of resources for living and working cross-culturally in the form of e-brochures:  "Articles in this series contain general information about various topics related to mental health and cross-cultural workers...on topics ranging from adolescence to guilt to trauma."

When we speak of the "unreached", we mean some things rather specifically.  First, the unreached have no access to the Church or Gospel in their own heart language.  All unreached are unevangelized, but not all unevangelized or all unchurched are in fact, unreached.  Second, we speak of unreached communities, not unreached individuals.  This website explores those communities in North America who do not have access, or very little access, to the Gospel in their own heart language.  

Need to explore the languages of the world?  This is a great place to get started--and to come back to when you need to dig in deeper into the specifics of a language family.

This website is deceptively plain in its appearance, but it is packed with all sorts of resources for prayer, study, and teaching.  You will find lots of good, up-to-date material both on the current standing of people groups and on mission thinking.

This is a new opportunity for training and vision for serving among the unreached in Asia.  A two-month 'innovation lab' with one month in a ministry location designed for learning how to learn in order to pioneer creative work.

New Wineskins provides a number of specific resources specifically to bring people together in prayer and in service--including the website, regional workshops, and a triennial conference. The Network spans the Anglican world.

"The quintessential goal of the conference is to minister to the hearts of African Americans who have an interest in serving as missionaries..."  Perhaps the largest and most effective conference for mobilizing the Black Church in America to move out in cross-cultural missions.

Frontier Ventures is a consortium serving "initiatives focused on increasing momentum for the breakthrough of the Gospel among the last remaining unreached people groups of the world."  We particularly recommend Perspectives, Joshua Project, and Global Prayer Digest.

Postings, published by Catalyst Services, is a free monthly e-newsletter committed to "highlighting what churches and agencies are doing to mobilize untapped potential for global impact".  Individuals and mission committees can subscribe or search past issues for specific topics.

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