Giving Information

Without teammates holding the ropes, we can not succeed.

Regular, committed pledged donors are the backbone of our financial support. Giving regularly is a great way to strengthen your prayer life. Financial pledges also help us manage our monthly budget better, and make it easier to focus on ministry without added financial distractions. We do need and value one-time gifts; they help us meet our one-time outgoing expenses and help fund special projects.  Our goal is to develop partnerships where in those who support us financially, with prayer, and/or with practical encouragement, understand and know themselves to be part of a team effort on behalf of those who are waiting to hear the Good News of Hope in Jesus Christ!


If you are making a new (or updated) pledge to our ministry, please email us at and let us know the amount and frequency (e.g., monthly, quarterly, annually) of your pledge. This allows us to follow up with you and TEAM to ensure your pledge gets processed appropriately and to keep our monthly support budget up to date. Thank you!

TEAM has recently updated their systems for giving and receiving!  You can use the button below to go directly to our giving page on TEAM's website (for security purposes, you will not see our names, only the account #F, 012115).   If you would prefer a different giving option, here's the link to the explanation page:  Ways to Give.  Whichever form of giving you choose, please designate your gift for account #F, 012115. 

You can also designate specific gifts to Innov-Asia or to Pro-Active Member Care. These are two of the trainings that we offer to participants all across Asia. Thank you.