Jesus said, "Come, follow me!"

This website is dedicated to those who have little to no Church in their own language and culture.

You will find resources here for the Church, to inspire and equip the Church to engage God's work around the world.  

You will also find reflections on life in Asia--whether we are in Japan or Nepal, Indonesia or Thailand, Korea or Sri Lanka.  

Our hope is that you will experience a bit of our adventure--not a vacation, but a life lived on purpose--and that you will be able to join us in the purposes of God!

When you read the Bible or Church history, is it dry? 

Or, is it a great adventure sweeping through generations and across the continents of the world?

This website is dedicated to the view that the life of Christian faith is a calling to join God in his amazing purpose for the whole of the world in all of time. 

Jesus said, "Come, follow me!" because Jesus is never sitting still!  Our faith is meant to be lived out "on the go".  Come and join us as we walk with Jesus in the world today.

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