Engaging The Adventure

2024-2025 Visit to the United States...

We are planning ahead for this year's visit to the US. We have been asked to speak in Central Florida in January 2025 - in Vero Beach, which is where we got started in 1997 and embarked for Singapore. If you would like to meet with us while we are in the States or would like to invite us to speak with your group, let us know soon. We will begin working on the schedule later in the summer.

If you would like to see us along the way, please email us at ReachUs@EngagingTheAdventure.org.  We look forward to seeing all of our partners and sharing what we see God doing in our parts of Asia!


Half of the world's population lives within five hours of our airport!  They are Buddhists (of different schools), Secularists, Muslims, Hindus, and Consumerists.  We love living here and encouraging cross-cultural workers all across the region.  We specialize in member-care, cultural appreciation training, and leadership development.  

 If you are not receiving our monthly updates, please send us the best email address to receive our updates.  Thank you.

Giving Information:

Our work is supported, encouraged, and made possible by your partnership in prayer, finances, and practicalities.  

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Member Care:  

We encourage and train workers so that can thrive in a cross-cultural context.

Culture Appreciation:  

We consult and train workers to appreciate the dynamics of living and serving in Asia.

Where the Church is Not Yet Visible:  

We focus those who have little to no access to the Hope of Jesus Christ.