Engaging the Adventure
Engaging the Adventure
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Thank You to Our Partners

We have returned to Asia after 3 months in the US, visiting with individual partners, connecting with more than 18 churches, and attending three conferences.  Thank you to each of you:  you welcomed us and encouraged us greatly.  Indeed we return to Asia confident that God is inviting us to take our ministry up a level.  Before Christmas, we will be working to articulate what that 'next level' might include.  None of it is possible without your partnership with us.  If we missed seeing you, please feel free to email us at ReachUs@EngagingTheAdventure.org and perhaps we can even schedule a video call with you.  Lastly, we again give God thanks and praise for all that He is doing here in Asia and in your lives as well.  To God be the glory!

About Us

In 2017, God invited us to return to Asia in new capacities with responsibilities stretching across several countries.  One of us has focused on Member Care for global workers, and the other of us has focused on Culture and Training.  

Simply, we are followers of Jesus Christ who have traveled in and out of Asia over several decades.  Today, half of the world's population lives within a five hours of our cities airport.  Most of those people do not know the hope and joy of the Life that is available as a free gift in Christ Jesus.

While serving with one organization and within our own Church, we work together with friends and colleagues from multiple organizations and Churches, international and local.  Our network and our experience in countries like Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and more, has shaped us and formed us in Christ Jesus.  We are growing in cultural appreciation, growing in rich faith, and growing in resilience and steadfast joy. And for all of that, we thank God.

The passion of our work is a desire to see the hope of Jesus communicated among those communities who remain outside the normal reach of the Church.  They may still be waiting for a Bible in their own language.  They may still even be waiting for the very first person to come and share the joy of Jesus Christ with them.  We want to do our part to see that waiting turned into receiving and rejoicing!

Our hope is that you will experience a bit of our adventure.  Adventure for us means a life lived with purpose and faith - and we invite you to join us in this adventure!

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Robust Faith

We embrace what we call a Robust Faith.  There were eleven disciples in the boat when Peter walked on water.  Eleven of the disciples were faithful followers of Christ.  Thomas had the kind of faith that asked questions, lots of them.  Peter had the kind of faith that stepped out of the boat!  We want to nurture that kind of faith, Robust Faith.

It wasn't just Peter, it was also Abram who responded when God said, "Go to a land that I will show you."  No map, no tour guide, no GPS.  It was Moses, "Go down and tell Pharaoh, 'Let my people go!'"  And then Jesus called several of the disciples, saying, "Come, follow me."  Jesus is still inviting each of us from all nations, saying, "Come, follow me."  Jesus calls his people to be on the move, to step out in faith.

Key to this website and our lives in Asia is this understanding that Jesus has called the whole Church to follow Jesus where he leads, to be on the move making disciples, and to go to the ends of world to share the hope and joy of new life in Jesus Christ.  He invites each of us, today, to follow him with Robust Faith.  Will you join us as we engage this adventure of faith?  

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